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Education is one of the important tools we use to encourage gender equality. Increasing the numbers of females first joining and then continuing in formal and informal education and supporting systems for the employment of women in education has been determined as one of our priorities. In Turkey, efforts to get girls into good quality education in order to fully join the community and gain equality have increased over the last ten years.


One of the steps to increase the number of girls in secondary education was to open dormitories for girls and implement projects that support the girls staying in those dormitories around the country with the involvement of civil initiatives and NGOs. The TAP Foundation has been organising educational programmes for girls’ dormitories since 2000. With the help of project partners, we have worked with students in wide range of subjects, from health knowledge to life skills in dormitory settings.


Further to such programs to support young girls, our subsidiary education programmes widens to include awareness-raising of rights and issues of democracy and life-skills development among adolescents. A good example of this approach is our Şanlıurfa project, which included children’s rights and gender equality, as well as health issues in the programme.


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